39 Severn Drive, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire. TF1 3JF

Telephone  (01952) 285363  Mobile 07419 216126

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Telephone = (01952) 285363  Mobile = 07419 216126

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Brooklands Video & Media.

39 Severn Drive, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire TF11 3JF

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Have your old Videos Transferred to DVD
What’s on the video tape goes on the DVD

For just £7:00 Per DVD


We can add titles, chapters and royalty free music if required together with edits to remove video bits not required

For just £20 per DVD

Extra copies of the above for £5.00 each

 The Quality of your videos slowly degrades over time. Once transferred to DVD the quality will not degrade.

The £20.00 per DVD allows us to work on the video before committing it to the DVD

Editing is done on Adobe Premier CC 2019 and the music from Smartsound

We also do transfers from VHS, NTSC  Camcorder Tapes, VHS C, Mini 8mm, Standard 8, Hi 8,

You can send your tapes to us and the finished DVD will be returned for £1.00 P&P per unit.

VHS Tapes will not be returned unless you pay the return postage. But we will keep then for one month in case you want to collect them or pay the return postage. If not required we will then have them destroyed.  

All Transfers can be put on a USB Stick if required.

Usb Stick supplied by us Extra £11.00 or if supplied by you Free

We also make a montage to music from slides or photographs you supply and we edit and author to DVD or a USB Stick so you can enjoy on your TV (Better that photo albums)